I’ve been busy in my shed adding new stuff and throwing out a lot of things.

This means I finally got around to put the laser exhaust though a hole in the wall (now I don’t have to open the window each time “yeah”). This being great and all I did cause some problems. Like the lost of air flow. 🙁

As it was getting very smoky when cutting wood and unbearable when cutting acrylic.

I’ve had a small 3 phase Frequency inverter hanging around but never had any motors to run it on. Till now! pulled the capacitor out of the single phase extractor (single phase motor are just 3 phase ones with a capacitor) and bingo a nice motor to put on it.

Firing up the inverter to 50Hz all works fine then for the real test how fast will it go till it starts slipping.

Winding it up I got it to 95Hz before it started slipping and slowing down and wow much more air flow. You can feel it sucking though the front vent. It does make lots more noise but it’s variable so I can turn it back down again.

After test cutting some acrylic the smell was still bad but not nearly as bad as before. (I’m sure lased acrylic is very bad for you).

Lots of laser fun to come.