Many weeks and 1 dead RePhone later….

I have part of a working phone. I did at one point have it all working, with only the RePhone power supply to do. Then It all went wrong and I fried the RePhone. Finally got another one. Now the ringer doesn’t work.

To recap:
Dialling works (for 7 digit numbers)
Receiving calls works
Hanging up works

RePhone not powered from main battery
ringing coils won’t work

I do have the schematics so far.

One think that might be a problem is the transistor to power the boost converter. I really don’t get this but some people use mosfet’s instead might be different some how.

For now I’m going to try and get the RePhone on the main battery power (by feeding it 3.4V not 7.2 this time!) then try and work on this ringing problem.